Friday, March 6, 2009


March 1, 2009

After startig off this year w/ a bang "MGK" has kept pace throughout the first quarter by initiating his own ecommere venture. WWW.MACHINEGUNKELLYMUSIC.COM has been launched to contend w/ the growing demand for "MGK's" image, music and merchandise. With a number of projects currently in development, the website offers "MGK's" fanbase a chance to stay current on his latest developments and keep in direct contact w/ him as he hits the road... "it's just phase one of the operation", says "MGK"; "but we will be expanding our efforts into new markets as the movement grows". This 18 year old kid is enthusiastic about what the future holds in store, and he should be because for him even the sky has no limits....


  1. How do i Lace up???? for real need EST 19XX shirts where it at for real MGK is overtaking Port CLinton OH

  2. hey cant wait to meet u hoping to one day! u r fine and DAMN do i wish u were mine